Third Grade

3rd grade

3rd Brochure .pdf

Soaring in Third Grade

Third grade at Montana for your child is the place,

If they're capable of working at a much faster pace.

Reading will be our number one goal.

Units with cool stories will keep us on a roll.

Earning AR points will be our dream.

The knowledge we gain will make us supreme.

Math will follow close behind.

We will quickly see math and reading entwined.

We'll learn place value, multiplication and division.

Mastering timed drills and ACC Math will take precision.

Writing in cursive we will do with pride.

Before the year is over we won't need a guide.

Learning about nouns, writing narratives and revisions.

Picking the right word to use will be our decision.

The world of science and social studies will be ours to explore.

Learning neat facts will not be a chore.

Each day we'll be encouraged to do our best.

As we strive for understanding and study for tests.

Learning Spanish should be a breeze.

Listen carefully - for we only want to please.

Mrs. Richards will teach us our colors, numbers and ABC's.

Soon we'll be able to use Spanish with ease.

Sounds great, want to know what else there will be?

There's computer lab and music for a total of three.

Computer is great everyone will say.

We will learn so much every third day.

Mastering how to type, play games, paint and draw.

Mrs. Douglas will teach us how to print it all.

In music class there's a lot we will say

About singing with Mrs. Price and the instruments we will play.

We'll learn chords, sharps, all the notes and flats.

We will recognize tempo, half steps, and rhythm - can you do that?

PE may be hot and we could be wired.

Mrs. Bostick and Coach Hinson, they'll make us tired.

Staying fit and healthy will be the name of the game.

Getting in super shape will be our aim.

We set our goal high - we strive for perfection.

We complete assignments and make corrections.

So soar with us as we go through the year.

By the end of third grade, we'll all earn a cheer!