Second Grade

2nd grade

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- Second grade is an exciting time in the life of children. No longer "learning to read", they can now "read to learn". The state adopted Scott Foresman Reading Program is the center of our reading curriculum. Second graders also participate in reading poetry, Reader's Theater plays, nonfiction books, textbooks, and chapter books. Whole group and small group instruction is utilized to maximize student learning. The Accelerated Reader Program is an important part of our curriculum, as well.

Spelling is another integral component of our reading program. Weekly words are based on a phonics skill. Students who master these words on prestests are further challenged through our Star Speller program.

Writing and Language is an important focus as children learn to express themselves and share about their experiences. By daily writing in journals and learning logs, children practice retelling and summarizing their learning. Creative writing experiences give children the opportunity to exercise their creativity!

Math is taught through hands-on experiences and meaningful practice. Knowledge of basic addition and subtraction facts is the key to success. Second graders are encouraged to become "Math Maniacs" through the use of timed drills. Nightly homework gives students the opportunity to practice and refine their skills. Accelerated Math is used for remediation, practice, and enrichment.

Science is the most exciting part of the day in the Second Grade at Montana Street Magnet School. Second graders are learning science through direct interaction with materials and phenomena. They are developing the skills of questioning and independent thinking through inquiry based science. The inquiry process is driven by the childrens' curiosity, wonder, and interest to understand an observation or solve a problem. Students are constantly reflecting, comparing, and interpreting data from their observations. These process skills help the learners construct meaning of the world around them.

Social Studies time is spent with students learning about communities near and far, past and present. Students learn about different roles in the community through grandparent interviews, Career Week, and field trips. Map skills are also an important part of the curriculum.

Our curriculum is planned thematically so that all subjects are integrated in meaningful and motivating ways. Using cooperative learning, art, music, and technology, students are able to experience learning in a variety of ways.

Field trips are an exciting part of our curriculum. These correlate with our studies. The second grade field trips include star gazing at the Landmark Park Planetarium, experiencing pioneer life at Westville, in Lumpkin, Georgia, and interacting with animals at the zoo and Gulf World. Field Trips are a wonderful part of the Magnet School Curriculum.