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The music program for the younger children (K-2) focuses on integrating music into everyday life experiences. We sing songs on topics such as colors, friends, animals, weather, self-concept, patriotism, other cultures, etc. All these songs can be used as teaching tools for learning about melody, rhythm, listening, basic music symbols, playing instruments and movement. Hands-on experiences are very important in working with young children and help to reinforce these music concepts that are being taught.

The music program for the older children (3-5) is based on the same concepts (melody, rhythm, listening, etc.) but on a more difficult level. Their lessons include singing familiar and new songs, listening to many different kinds of music from around the world, participating in creating music with different instruments and sounds, learning about famous composers, orchestral instruments and different styles of dance. They enjoy participating in many different kinds of rhythm activities such as rap, chants, poetry and hand jives. These students are learning how to read music and how to identify and follow the music symbols given.

The students all receive keyboard instruction each week. They are learning things such as the names of the notes, five-finger scales, chords, sharps and flats, half and whole steps, etc. The students' favorite thing to do is to play songs. The students learn to play songs using their finger numbers first, and then they begin to play songs using the letters A-G. After they are comfortable with this, they begin learning songs in different hand positions. Each student is able to progress at their own speed. Each time they learn a keyboard sheet, they go to the next one (which is more difficult). Many of our students can play all the keyboard sheets by the fifth grade and then start learning to play from music notation. It is so exciting to see and the students receive a lot of satisfaction from this. They also learn the importance of practicing and begin to realize that it takes hard work to be good at the keyboard. A major goal of the music program is to help each child reach their greatest potential and to give them a love and appreciation for music. I also hope that each child will continue to participate in music when they leave Montana, whether it be in school, church, community groups or private lessons.