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Media Center

The mission of the Montana Street media center is to motivate students to become lifelong readers and learners by providing quality literature and research materials.
Our goals:
-to provide a variety of reading materials in appropriate levels for all students
-to provide assistance to students and teachers when needed
-to provide open check-out to enable students to check out books at any time of the day

The Media Program

The Media Center is available for book check-out to all students from 8:00 a.m. until 2:45 p.m. Students have been trained to check out their own books and can do so at any time. Each class has a 30-minute scheduled time each week in which literature and library skills are taught. Flex time is also available at open times during the day. The teachers and the media specialist collaborate in the planning and implementation of these classes. Flex time can include small groups working with the media specialist or whole classes working with both the media specialist and the teacher.

The Accelerated Reader Program

Accelerated Reader is a computerized reading management program that provides motivation and accountability for students. It is a powerful tool for teachers in assessing individual student reading growth. Students are tested using the S.T.A.R. (Standardized Test for Assessment of Reading) at the beginning of the school year. This test enables the teacher to place the student in an appropriate reading level. Books are color coded in the media center in order to help students in choosing the appropriate reading levels. Students progress to higher levels as they read and test successfully.

Accelerated Reader is a vital part of our reading curriculum at Montana Street School. Students are expected to read daily in order to meet goals which have been set according to their reading levels.

Students are motivated in many ways through the AR program. Students are given AR stars and are included in a weekly drawing for prizes. Goals for each student are set at the beginning of each nine weeks. Grade level goals have been set as follows for grades 2-5: First Nine Weeks---2nd grade---12 points, 3rd grade---14 points, 4th grade---16 points, and 5th grade---18 points. Second, Third, and Fourth Nine Weeks---2nd grade---15 points, 3rd grade---18 points, 4th grade---21 points, and 5th grade---24 points. Students reaching these goals are rewarded at the end of the nine weeks with a party. Students are also given the opportunity to earn a trophy at the end of the year if they meet the following point and certification requirements: K - 25 points and Kindergarten Criteria, 1st - 50 points and Super Reader 2, 2nd - 75 points and Advanced Reader 2, 3rd - 100 points and Star Reader 2, 4th - 125 points and Excellent Reader 2, and 5th - 150 points and Classic Reader 2.

AR Certification

Students' pictures are placed on our AR wall of fame in the front hallway when reaching their grade level certification goal. Students must meet the following criteria for each certification level:

Kindergarten---Criteria presented from Kindergarten

First Grade---Super Reader 2: Read independently and pass quizzes for:

-6 books

- 2.0 or higher book level

-worth 1 point or more

Second Grade---Advanced Reader 2: Read independently and pass quizzes for:

-6 books

-3.0 or higher book level

-worth 2 points or more

Third Grade---Star Reader 2: Read independently and pass quizzes for:

-6 books

-4.0 or higher book level

-worth 4 points or more

Fourth Grade---Excellent Reader 2: Read independently and pass quizzes for:

-6 books

-5.0 book level or higher

-worth 5 points or more

Fifth Grade---Classic Reader 2: Read independently and pass quizzes for:

-6 books

-6.0 or higher book level

-worth 7 points or more

AR color chart

0.1-0.9 bright red

1.0-1.4 medium blue

1.5-1.9 light pink

2.0-2.4 blue

2.5-2.9 green

3.0-3.4 black

3.5-3.9 orange

4.0-4.4 red

4.5-4.9 yellow

5.0-5.4 purple

5.5-5.9 light blue

6.0-6.4 brown

6.5-6.9 lime

7.0 + hot pink