Kindergarten Brochure .pdf

- Literacy is the cornerstone of every single learning process. This process is guided by the classroom teacher and is based on the students' interests and developmental stages. Not only are the kindergarten students learning to read and write, but they also discover that reading and writing are enjoyable and rewarding. Kindergarten students are taught using the Balanced-Literacy approach. The main components of this approach are reading to children, reading with children and reading by children. The reading program utilized in kindergarten is READ WELL. Children participate in read alouds, shared reading, guided reading, independent reading, teacher-modeled writing, shared writing, language experience charts, and center reading and writing activities. Technology and computers are also used as an educational addition to our literacy instruction. Kindergarten students are also allowed to participate in the Accelerated Reading program.

Math - Rather than an isolated subject area, math in kindergarten is an experience that cannot be separated from the lives of the students. Math is the halving of sandwiches, the sharing of candy, the counting of teeth, the measuring of height, the prediction of tomorrow's weather and the discovery of a pattern in the floor tiles. Basic math skills (numbers to 20, patterning, shapes, time, money, measurement, addition and subtraction) are covered using daily problem-solving, a math textbook, and math games. Kindergarteners also participate in many graphing and estimating activities.

Writing- Writing is a developmental process that children become more proficient at over time and with practice. Kindergarteners are allowed to write every day. They may write lists, notes, stories, poems and songs, or create labels for drawings, art projects and block constructions. Kindergarteners develop their writing skills at various rates. To give children all they need to get started in the writing process, the teachers will model good writing. This is done through the Morning Message, Daily News and interactive writing lessons. Children are encouraged to write independently in journals and create stories.

Science - Kindergarten students participate in a hands-on approach to science. They are involved in reading, writing, observing, exploring, investigating, graphing, recording and drawing conclusions about science topics. Some of the themes covered during the year include Weather, Fabric and Living Things.

Activity Classes - Kindergarten students participate in enrichment classes. They have Spanish, Computer and Music one to two times each week. For more information on activity classes, please visit their individual links.

Field Trips - We love to expand our knowledge outside of the classroom as well. Field Trips we have participated in the past are: Landmark Park (Harvest Hay days), National Peanut Festival, WTVY, WDHN, Pilcher's Ambulance, the Dothan Fire Department and local theatrical productions at the Dothan Opera House.