Fourth Grade

4th grade

4th Grade Brochure.pdf

Fourth grade at Montana St. Magnet School is filled with awesome learning experiences and exciting activities. Our curriculum is delivered with the latest technology and with high expectations. Students are encouraged to become thinkers and doers!

Reading - Adventure, mystery and suspense await fourth grade students with our fourth grade reading curriculum at Montana Magnet. Fourth grade is a wonderful time for students to develop a lifetime love for reading. Our reading curriculum focuses on comprehension and skills that are identified by state standards and is achievement centered to meet individual student needs. Students master skills by using the Scott Forseman reading series. Students are also required to participate in the Accelerated Reader program. This program calls for students to read library books and complete computer generated comprehension tests on their selected book. Our students are obligated to read every weeknight as part of their homework. Montana Magnet fourth grade students are challenged to excel. This year, your child will not only excel, but will thrive and prosper as he/ she learns to love to read!

- Students will soar to new heights in fourth grade with Accelerated Math. Through this program, students will move through grade level objectives quickly and advance to higher levels through individualized exercises, practices, and tests. Memorization of multiplication facts is a must for mastery of fourth grade state math standards. Students will build upon knowledge of these basic facts to conquer long division, fractions, measurement, and geometry. Math is sure to be a blast as we journey to new horizons in fourth grade.

- Create a live animal habitat!Experiment with electricity! Be a detective in our very own CSI Montana! Students will look at the world a whole new way once they experience fourth grade science at Montana Magnet. Our child-centered science program incorporates inquiry-based activities, hands-on experiments, internet-based research, and many other resources into exciting studies of organisms, soil, electricity, plants, solar system and much more. The fourth grade teachers at Montana each bring their own twist to the science curriculum making it unique for each class. Regardless of the class, students will learn to use valuable scientific processing skills as the steps of the scientific method guide them through exciting explorations of our world and beyond!

Alabama History
- Fourth graders explore Alabama's history, geography, and government and its relation to the world as a whole. Field trips enhance our Alabama experience. A trip to Montgomery allows students to visit the Archives, Capitol, and Judicial Building. Meetings with our state leaders allow students to better understand democracy. We also study about famous Alabamians and what impact they had on our state and the world. It's a huge world out there and Fourth Graders become aware of Alabama's importance in it!

-Projects, Projects, Projects! Fourth grade students will enhance their learning with multiple projects through out the year. All students anticipate a major project each nine week grading period. From Alabama Indian to book report presentations, students will have many opportunities to show their creativity!

-It is our goal to make sure every child in the fourth grade has the same opportunities to thrive. Fourth grade teachers are a cohesive, energetic team that thrives working together. After all, we believe that Together, Everyone, Achieves, More!