First Grade

1st grade

1st Grade Brochure.pdf

Welcome to our 1st grade journey! What a journey it will be! First grade is full of incredible learning opportunities at Montana Street Academic Magnet School. This will be a very special year at Montana Street. We will meet many new friends from all over Dothan and become a community of learners. Read on to find out about our journeys in reading, math, spelling, writing, science, social studies, activity classes, and field trips.

Reading - Reading is one of our most important journeys in 1st grade. Students enter 1st grade at all different levels ready to tackle the job of becoming an independent reader. Through the use of Scott Foresman, a research-based reading program, students will learn decoding, vocabulary and comprehension skills. Most of our 1st graders will earn their Accelerated Reading goal each nine weeks and participate in parties to celebrate. As the year progresses, students will enjoy independent reading. Here are some of our 1st graders' favorite characters: Clifford, Henry and Mudge, Franklin, Jack and Annie, Junie B. Jones, and Arthur. We are proud to announce all of our 1st grade classrooms have earned Model Classroom status from Renaissance Learning and will be working on renewing that status this year.

Math- Addition, subtraction, counting money, telling time, counting and learning about numbers to 100, drill tests, and measuring are all a part of our math journey. Students will be introduced to and master many new skills in math. We will learn a lot using daily problem-solving, a math textbook and math games in our class. Another program we use is MathFacts in a Flash, a computerized drill program that helps students master basic math facts.

Spelling and Writing- Our past parents would definitely agree that spelling and writing is an amazing journey for 1st graders. Our 1st graders begin with some basic vocabulary and letter-sound association and begin a journey that will create young authors at the end of the school year. 1st graders participate in a spelling program that focuses on phonics sounds, specific spelling patterns, high frequency words, and sentence dictation. Students also learn grammar as they work on sentence and story writing. Journal writing is an important part of our writing development. Students respond to math, science, social studies, stories, and personal events in their journals. These daily and weekly lessons culminate in an Author's Tea at the end of the school year. All 1st graders will brainstorm, write, publish, and illustrate a hard-back book to be shared with family and friends.

Science- This will be an exciting and new journey for our 1st graders. Montana Street offers science instruction through the use of hands-on, inquiry-based science modules. We will participate in four extended science units this year and several mini units using a science textbook. Our past 1st graders would agree that Animals 2X2 was their favorite. Our classroom was home to goldfish, guppies, earthworms (small and big ones), sow bugs, and pill bugs (roly-poly) for several weeks. We had a lot of fun learning about these little creatures. We will also explore balance and motion, solids and liquids, and plants. Our students will learn to ask questions, develop plans, and write about their ideas as they explore their world.

Social Studies - Our main goal is to create units of study that help students understand citizenship skills and build a community of learners in our classroom and at our school. Our students begin with a unit that helps them identify similarities and differences in each other and our families. We learn about our school and community. We will also explore American history through a study of important Americans and our country's symbols. Our students will participate in several school-wide events to celebrate our history, country and community.

Field Trips - Learning outside the classroom is a privilege at Montana Street Magnet School. We will participate in wonderful learning opportunities this year. Some of our past field trips have been to visit the Montgomery Zoo, Colonial Bread Company, Ft. Rucker Museum, and Aplin Farms. Students receiving C or below in Conduct will not be allowed to participate in field trips or special events.

Grading- Grading is an important way for teachers to communicate with parents about student progress. Students are given letter (A, B, C, D, F) grades in Reading, Math, Spelling and Conduct. A Conduct grade is given weekly to help you monitor your child's behavior and work habits. Handwriting is graded with S (satisfactory), N (needs improvement), or U (unsatisfactory). It is very important for you to go over grades with your child each week. Conduct and Daily Folders come home each week. These folders help you communicate with your child about schoolwork and also, contain newsletters from your child's teacher and the school. Grades will not be averaged in Reading at the end of the year. Your child's final grade will be the grade they receive the 4th nine weeks. All other subjects will be average to get a final grade.