Fifth Grade

5th grade

5th Grade Brochure.pdf

Welcome to the fifth grade. Fifth grade is led by an awesome trio of child-oriented teachers. Mrs. Curry, Mrs. Scott, and Mrs. Glenn. It is our goal to provide a very special learning experience for our fifth grade students.
How is this special learning experience achieved you may ask?

First, there are the special activity classes: Computer Lab with Mrs. Douglas, Spanish with Mrs. Richards, and Music Lab with Mrs. Price. To have these opportunities is a very special feature of our school. Second, the science curriculum is oriented to hands-on learning. The idea is to provide the students the opportunity to use the scientific process and explore science concepts. The big science events of the year are a field trip to the Tallahassee Challenger Center where the students run a simulated space mission and the science fair. Third, the emphasis of our language curriculum is writing, vocabulary and using grammar concepts properly. By the end of the year, the students will be writing one to two page essays in a variety of modes: expository, narrative, and descriptive. As a culminating activity, students will have produced a writing portfolio that will serve as a memoir of their last year in elementary school! Then, there is the math instruction. The textbook supplemented with the Accelerated Math Program combine to produce a strong math curriculum.

Finally, there is the reading curriculum. Our goals are to have each child reading a variety of genres fluently on or above 5th grade level. To assist with fluency instruction, we use the DIBELs assessment for fluency. Using the students' test results, we provide whole group and small group lessons to assist children with their specific needs. Also, as an ARI (Alabama Reading Initiative) school, reading skills and vocabulary development are emphasized while students are provided opportunities to read literature of all genres, including, but not limited to, Accelerated Readers. Benefits of the AR program include:

-being technology-based;
-providing individualized student instruction;
-student self- selection of reading material;
-student accountability for their reading (they take a computer test on each book they read);
-and immediate feedback.

The Accelerated Reader program is designed to challenge the students and provide them with an opportunity for recognition of achievement. At the end of the year, awards are given to those students having achieved "Classic" certification (reading sixth grade level novels) and for students earning at least 160 AR points (which represents quite a bit of successful reading).
It is our goal and desire that by the end of the year, you and your child will have experienced a uniquely challenging, enjoyable and rewarding school year!