Computer Technology



Suzanne Richards

Our Goal

The goal of Montana Street Academic Magnet School is to provide an enriched curriculum, hands-on learning, field-based study and computer-assisted instruction to make learning both meaningful and relevant. 

The students have access to information, to people and to resources using a variety of technological tools. Students have access to computers for word-processing, communication (e-mail), multiĀ­media projects, computer-aided research (Internet), and to create their own original works (productivity software).

Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math are computer based programs that enable students to extend their learning beyond normal grade-level expectations. Students use technology in a proper and ethical manner appropriate to their level of learning.

The Montana Street faculty and staff are skilled in the use of technology and are able to integrate technology into their daily instructional program. 

With the tools of technology, the students dramatically raise knowledge levels, learn problem-solving techniques, develop the skills required to manage massive amounts of information, analyze concepts from several different perspectives, and develop the higher-order analytic and critical thinking skills that are required in a global society.

Students leave Montana Street prepared to learn higher-level computer skills at the middle-school level in preparation to becoming future productive members of society.

Computer Lab

The students work in a 30-station computer lab every third day for 40 minutes. In the lab Kindergarteners through 5th graders are taught Technology Education according to the Alabama Course of Study based on their grade level. The students work on keyboarding skills, basic operations and concepts, social, ethical and human issues, technology productivity tools (Word, Excel, Publishing Software, PowerPoint), Technology Communication Tools and Technology Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Tools (EasyTech). These technology skills are integrated/correlated with the national and state core curriculum standards taught in the classroom. They use these skills in activities to produce finished products (reports, stories, charts, presentations, etc.). The students also work with activities in KnowledgeBox, Blaster, MathFacts in a Flash, Marty's Family Reader, Pondering Problems, and Mathosaurus.

Note From the Teacher

In the computer lab we will work hard while having fun each day! I expect all students to come to the lab ready to learn.

We will learn to use technology responsibly and effectively throughout the time in lab. We will become 21st Centry problem solvers by effectivly intergrarting technology into our daily life. Students will practice being a good digital citizen while working together to create, produce, collaborate and research.

 ~Mrs. Richards

Master Schedule

8:20-9:00 2NDGRADE

9:00-9:40 FLEX


10:20-11:00 1STGRADE

11:00-11:30 LUNCH

11:30-12:15 PLANNING

12:20-1:05 4THGRADE

1:10-1:55 3RDGRADE

2:00-2:45 5THGRADE