Montana's "Wish List"

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"What is Adopt-A-School"?  "Building A Better Community Around Our Schools"


Adopt-A-School! Dothan is a partnership of Yes We Can! Dothan, Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Dothan City Schools.

Below you will find Montana's "Needs List"!

For further information on how you can assist Montana with their "Needs List" or inquire about becoming an Adopt-A-School Sponsor, please visit the Adopt-A-School! Dothan website by clicking here for General Information.

Montana's "Needs List"

Brown Clasp Envelopes (large) - $6.25 per package

Electric Pencil Sharpeners - $7.00

Regular Size Scissors

Boxes of Transparencies - $5.00 per box

Copy Paper - $27.00 per case

Computer Duster Cans - $3.00

Guest speakers/instructors/authors

Materials and labor for waxing floors 

Awards and incentive sponsors